Use at least an m5.xlarge ec2 instance for 4 CPUs

sudo apt update

Get Singlestore server and toolbox

wget wget

Install Toolbox (it will install singlestore server too)

sudo dpkg -i singlestoredb-toolbox_1.13.4_497e69e4f6_amd64.deb

create a cluster.yml file with the following content: ( Add in your licence and EC2 private IP )

license: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
high_availability: false
root_password: password
memsql_server_file_path: /home/ubuntu/singlestoredb-server7.6.10_a2ab594895_amd64.deb
  - hostname:
      - role: Master
          port: 3306
      - role: Leaf
          port: 3307
    localhost: true

Deploy the cluster

sdb-deploy setup-cluster –cluster-file cluster.yml

Install the Singlestore Studio UI

wget sudo dpkg -i singlestoredb-studio_4.0.3_586732ae33_amd64.deb sudo memsql-studio

Clean up

sdb-deploy destroy-cluster


stderr: Error 2448: BOOTSTRAP AGGREGATOR FORCE failed to connect to itself: Self check failed. Verify that network connections from the node it itself are allowed.

Update cluster.yml to include your instance private IP

ERROR: Registered hosts detected. SingleStore DB Toolbox supports managing only one cluster per instance. To view them, run ‘sdb-toolbox-config list-hosts’ To remove them, run ‘sdb-toolbox-config unregister-host’

Install Singlestore studio

Add a Leaf ( on a separate EC2 instance )

On the current master: ( Where is the Private IP of the new EC2 instance )

sdb-toolbox-config register-host –host -i key.pem

sdb-deploy install –host –version 7.6.10

sdb-admin create-node –host –password {password}

sdb-admin add-leaf –memsql-id ( output from previous step )


sdb-admin list-nodes